Claim Your Core Workshop
With Kristen Boccumini, E-RYT500

When: Sunday April 28th, 1:00 – 3:30pm
Cost: $40 (Yoga Lab Members get 10% off)


Meet your control center, your conduit of energy flow that synergistically coordinates your brilliantly organized body through incredibly synchronized, orchestrated movements. This time, in Claim Your Core, expect to learn even more about the relationship of your core to how you move in yoga, fitness, and daily life. Questions we’ll answer include…
What is the core?
What is the difference between a core that looks good and a core that functions well, and can I have both?
How can I reconnect to my core after giving birth, even if it’s years later?
What is the best way to strengthen my core? What kinds of injuries or pain could be caused by core weakness, and how can that be alleviated?
How do I know if I’m using my core optimally in my current activities? And if not, how would I know, and what can I do?
Again, you will learn the answers to these questions and more. This workshop will include a brief introduction of the core, followed by an assessment of your own personal core recruitment patterns. We will then learn about and practice principles of effective core engagement which you will then integrate in a variety of movements within a 1.25hr yoga class.
Bring a smartphone to take photos/videos.

This workshop qualifies for Yoga Alliance CEU credits.