Fortify Your Foundation in this special workshop with Kristen!

Re-establish and reinforce your postural foundation and transitional movements in your yoga practice. We’ll identify your individual postural deviations to inform your flow so you can train smarter and move stronger. If you’re newer to yoga this will help you establish healthy movement patterns from a blank slate. If you’re experienced, this will help you get out of ruts and move past practice plateaus by identifying compensations and recreating efficient muscle recruitment patterns. For all, you’ll explore how to work with your body’s biomechanics to create strength, balance, and space in your body and bring stability, lightness, and ease to your movement both on the mat and in life.

Bring a smartphone/camera to take pictures.

This workshop will include a lecture/discussion and activity, followed by a yoga class. Total workshop time is 2.5hrs.

When: Sunday March 31 1:00-3:30pm

Cost: $40


Preregistration Required

Note: Yoga teachers get continuing ed hours!