Claim Your Core Workshop
With Kristen

When: Sunday April 29th, 1:00 – 3:00pm
Cost: $35 (Yoga Lab Members get 10% off)


Discover and harness the power of your core to bring strength and stability to your yoga practice and movement in daily life. In addition to a complete yoga practice, you’ll learn about what encompasses the “core”, the abs, pelvic floor and more. We will identify common core related dysfunctions and learn how to restore dynamic core engagement through awareness, exercises, and alignment in essential yoga postures. This workshop is educational, experiential, and will change the way you move for the rest of your life. This workshop is open to everyone men and women, and is appropriate for those prenatal, postnatal, and post menopausal. Led by Kristen with extra attention from her assistant badass bombshell Lisa Birocci Banse!

This workshop qualifies yoga teachers for continuing education credits.

Bonus: Yoga Teachers Get Continuing Ed Hours!