Join Yoga Lab’s “Flip It February” Challenge!!
We want to support you in your goals on and off the mat.
Flip It February challenges you for the next 28 days to “flip” a habit, your attitude/mindset, or your body by going upside down each day!

Share your FLIP IT goals and progress on Facebook and Instagram with #flipitfeb and #yogalab.

Try something like…

Flip a Habit:
Try something new and stick with it!
-Practice daily in meditation or yoga classes at Yoga Lab
-Start your own home yoga practice
-Choose a specific posture and practice working on it each day
-Choose any habit you would like to flip, and stick with it!

Flip the Script:
Shift your attitude/narrative/mindset towards positivity!
-Engage in a conscious act of kindness daily
-Practice gratitude
-“Pay it forward” each day
-Notice if you’re being hard on yourself, and practice compassion

Flip Upside Down:
Get a new perspective, tap into your strength, and release into support!
-Practice Down Dog at the Wall every day
-Practice Handstand or preparatory postures for this pose every day
-Practice Legs Up the Wall for a supported release

Mix and match or commit to one for the whole 28 days!

How to get started?
1) Join the Facebook group – “Flip It February @ Yoga Lab”, check daily for encouragement posts
2) Post each day your “Flip It February” practice with the hashtags #flipitfeb and #yogalab
3) See who else is participating and what they’re doing, encourage and celebrate one another!

Please use hashtags so we can make a collection of all the posts to see the collective beauty and to support one another. We’ll be participating with you to support your commitment and progress!