Cost: $25 (Yoga Lab Members get 10% off)
When: Sunday Feb 5, 2017 1-3pm


This 2 hour workshop with Mark provides an introduction to chanting as a contemplative practice. In an experiential & interactive setting, students will learn the fundamentals of chanting in several different styles from Indian/Sanskrit traditions, including: Mantra Meditation, Vedic Chanting, Chanting Patajali’s Yoga Sutras, and Kirtan. No experience necessary, beginners welcome! Take-home chant sheets will be provided.

Chanting is an important practice within diverse spiritual & contemplative traditions around the world. It’s a unique, accessible, (and fun!) method for developing a strong meditation practice. Outwardly, chanting is a practice of melody, rhythm, song, and language. But the real magic of chanting is internal; where we practice mindful awareness on a simple single-focus and cultivate clarity of mind, dedication, and devotion.

Chanting is also an amazing opportunity to practice the embodiment of important attitudes of a mindfulness practice. When chanting in Sanskrit, we’re bound to fumble words and make mistakes, and this is (a fun) part of the practice! Very quickly we realize the benefits of “letting go” of our mistakes and releasing self-judgement. And as we chant, we naturally begin to embody states of openness, patience, and trust in ourselves. When we practice these attitudes of being through chanting, they have the possibility of showing up more readily in our everyday lives.